It’s A Rugs Life

Home Staging Newcastle

This month we will talk about rugs and how they can make an amazing difference to the space in your home. When it comes to home staging and for when you are styling for your own home, a rug play an important role.


Not only do rugs add some warmth, texture and comfort to a room, they also do an amazing job of defining space. Australian outdoor lifestyle has played a role on how homes are designed and planned. Open style living is almost expected these days but it does pose some challenges when it comes to how you define areas for particular functions or zones. Rugs are the ultimate solution to this problem.



Size matters when it comes to rugs, and problems generally arise with rugs when they are too small for the space they are used in and are out of balance with the rest of the furniture and items in the room.


Here is some great infographic for what to avoid and how to place your rug for maximum effect (source Shannon Claire):



Jute style rugs will remain popular in 2017 and they work across a number of different design styles from coastal to modern. Although traditionally a more affordable option than silk or wool, prices can vary considerably so here are three different options to fit your budget!


Global West Barnet Coastal – RRP $865 – click here to view 




Freedom Stafford – RRP $229 – click here to view




Ikea Lohals – RRP $99 – $159 – click here to view



Happy styling!


Jaculin Dodson