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About Peony Home Staging

So you have decided or are thinking about putting your house on the Market. What now? Not sure what to do or how to present your property in a way to ensure a quick sale and a great price? Too many episodes of the The Block got you confused about what purchasers want or expect in a property? Too busy to worry about how the house is presented or worried about purchasing new items in case they don’t go in your new home?

You aren’t alone. Selling property can be very stressful, especially if you are unclear of how to best present your property to your target market. Maybe you have no idea who your target market is? Peony Property Staging can help you minimise the some of the stress involved in selling your house. There is a light at the end of the ‘selling your house’ tunnel.

My name is Jaculin Dodson and in late 2015 I started Peony Property Staging. I am a mother of two, currently a FIFO wife and along with a love of interiors, architecture and real estate I really love helping people when they are selling the biggest asset they own, their home. Prior to children I was studying law and working as a paralegal in a community based legal service and before that (am I showing my age?) I was working in investment banking. Neither really aligned with my true purpose of helping people and I certainly wasn’t passionate about it! I also have a thing for chairs I couldn’t quite shake. The Barcelona or Eames Lounger anyone?

Home Staging ensures that when your property hits the market, it is presented in a way that creates an emotional response in the viewer. This leads to higher prices and a shorter time on the market. It is the outcome that every seller wants (and deserves!). There are two major reasons why a property doesn’t sell, the first is that the price doesn’t meet the market. The second is because the house is presented poorly. Your real estate has the first reason covered, we can help you with the second.

Peony Property Staging offers a number of services depending on your requirements. A one hour consultation is where is all begins. Click here to see our consultation packages. During a consult at your house, I will provide you with my room by room tips and advice on how to best present your property to gain maximum value and a quick sale. In short, I help you minimise the negatives and highlight the positives. Sometimes when you live in a house for a long time you forget to look at it in a objective independent way. I am here to help you with that!

Depending on your particular situation, we also have an accessory, soft furniture, art and furniture rental service. We have a number of different packages to suit every budget and house. Sometimes all a room needs to get that “wow’ factor is an amazing piece of art, sometimes a little more is required. Peony have it covered. Click here to find out more on our hire packages.

I am a graduate and a continuing student of The International Institute of Home Staging (IIHS) and a member of the Home Staging and Redesign Association (HSRA). Home Staging is an unregulated industry so my membership in those organisations ensures that Peony Property Staging is an industry best service provider. Peony Property Staging is also fully insured.

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